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Walking the Path, Heart Forward & Head Up


Smiling Jaguar Retreats facilitates powerful immersives that provide opportunities for profound psychospiritual healing, accelerated evolution, and beloved community. 


The three pillars of the Smiling Jaguar experience are unification, transformation, and ascension.



Unification is where it all begins! When kindred spirits gather to do transformational work together, the friendships and connections that result last a lifetime. Authentic community potentiates everything else. 


We foster deep-seated connections and a beloved community of kindred spirits that will last a lifetime. When you join the Smiling Jaguar family, you are joining a community of sincere seekers who are committed to becoming the best version of themselves in order to be of the highest service to the good of all. 




Although transformation is an unending process, everyone has a different appetite for growth. At Smiling Jaguar, our motto is that “we give you as much healing as you can stand.” Utilizing the most profound technologies for psychospiritual healing and evolution on the planet, we curate powerful opportunities to dramatically shift your being to attain higher and higher states of consciousness and wholeness.


We fully recognize that the peak spiritual experiences are only one part of a larger process. In order to accomplish a permanent shift in being that translates to concrete actions that improve your life, we provide integration support before, during, and after our work so that you can fully embody your elevated consciousness.




Ascension to higher states of consciousness is what it is all about! We can’t solve our problems using the same state of consciousness that created them. The purpose of our work is to help people accomplish a shift in being that expands their consciousness and empowers them to become the next highest version of themselves. 


Smiling Jaguar Retreats is more than merely a vehicle for facilitating powerful gatherings of kindred spirits. We are a movement. We are building new culture. We are collectively dreaming and realizing the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


We know we aren’t going to change the world by force. We are going to do it with the beauty of our alternative. 


In sum, we walk the path of unification, transformation, and ascension. Together we rise! 


We are birthing Heaven on Earth through our own awakening hearts.


If our mission resonates with you, we invite you to join us!

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