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Peru Huachuma Pilgrimage


We look forward to a powerful gathering for 15 days at the most sacred sites in Peru! Maestro Don Martin (who apprenticed under Don Howard), Zachary Adama, and Camila José will facilitate these sacred gatherings. We will conduct Huachuma ceremonies at sites where there are breathtaking pyramids, forests, and enchanted natural landscapes. We will start at the Tucume pyramids, make our way to the sacred Chavín temple (the cradle of Andean civilization and the center of one of the most profound spiritual pulses in human history), and conclude at Heaven's Gate in the Peruvian highlands.


Retreat participants will receive:

  • Pre-retreat preparation (including one individual call with Zachary, and a group call)

  • 7 Huachuma ceremonies at sacred sites/energetic hot spots

  • Museum tours, and an incredible opportunity to visit Don Martin's carving shop in Chavín to purchase a Lanzon and other sacred artifacts

  • On ground support (including language translation) in Peru

  • Sharing circles

  • Group activities

  • Opportunities for individual healings

  • 1:1 time with Zachary and Camila throughout the 2 week experience

  • Bus/van transportation throughout your time in Peru

  • Post-retreat integration support (including one individual call with Zachary, and a group call)


The costs below do NOT include:

  • Flights to/from Lima, Peru and from Lima to Chiclayo (Chiclayo is where we will start our pilgrimage)

  • Meals/food

  • Hotel accommodations

  • Museum entrance fees

If you would like to join us for an upcoming retreat, or if after reading through the information provided on this site you have additional questions, please contact us by clicking below.

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