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Jennifer Worthen

Asheville, NC


I immediately felt welcomed, and continued to feel this way throughout my time at the retreat. The medicine, on all levels, was so warm and generous. What was most precious, however, was the community of warm-hearted individuals who gathered and showed up for themselves and each other. I felt completely held by the land, the mesa/ceremonial space, the circle of people present, and by Parker and Zachary. I am so full of gratitude for the whole experience.

Joel A.

Lockhart, TX

Attempting to convey my experience in words seems like a futile effort, but I will give it my best shot nonetheless. I made friendships that transcend what I have come to expect “connection” to feel like. I saw and felt the beauty of the human experience on a visceral level. I connected with the spirit of Mama Gaia in a way that I didn't know was possible before. It is impossible for me to unlearn those things. I can't help but balance the level of deep connectedness and love that I felt with everyone in our group with my friendships back home. I can't unlearn the connection I made to Mama Gaia. I now have a burning desire to give my life in service of the Earth and the Life she sustains. Before I came to this work that wasn't even a thought that would have registered in my brain. I can see now why Chavín had such a huge impact on the society of South America at the time of its prominence — it is impossible to forget the experience that sitting with Huachuma brings. I know in my heart of hearts what Love feels like. I know in my heart of hearts what connection with Pachamama feels like, and I know in my heart of hearts that the answer every single time is to return to that energy of Love and service. My time with Huachuma taught me how to make that connection, and the work for me has been learning how to make that place my home.

Randy P.

Fort Collins, CO

Parker and Zachary provide a synchronistic, harmonious, and grounding container where participants can feel safe to surrender to the full wisdom on the medicine, and the guidance to the special people who show up to the retreat space. These Souls are such a gift to the collective, and I was grateful to share in this experience with them.  


While I need some time to integrate my teachings from Grandfather Huachuma, and do the “homework,” I will undoubtedly be returning with friends and loved ones who feel called to the medicine and the work.

Blessings and Gratitude!

Sarah Kalmeta

Irvine, CA​

It was my second time working with Huachuma, and like the first it is etched into my very being and is in the top 5 experiences of my life. A true homecoming, a true reunion with self and community. Completely ineffable, to try and use words would be a grave injustice. I invite those who are seeking to come with open hearts and outstretched hands to become one with all.

Polet Romero

Los Angeles, CA

I enjoyed being in a shared living space with others which really helped me feel safe and able to truly be seen. What I gained was a beautiful family, lots of love, lots of healing, and of course lots of lessons from our ceremonies.

Kevin Jones

Austin, TX

The work I participated in has already resulted in very positive and meaningful clarity on some of my biggest challenges. I enjoyed the loving community, the array of beautiful ceremonies, and wonderful food. The artful expressions (music, poetry, dancing, and sharing) were very inspirational and healing for me.

Sarah O.

Spokane, WA​

I received expansion and clarity. Expansion of my soul family and clarity on my next steps. Clarity wasn’t a specific intention going into the week, but I’m happy that it came to me still.  Parker and Zachary do an incredible job working together to curate a meaningful and healing experience.

Trent Beattie

Boise, ID​

Everything was very organized and professionally done from beginning to end. I felt like I was able to have the best experience possible because of the trust I had in Zachary and Parker. The whole experience was peaceful and beautiful!

Phil Pritting

Belmar, NJ

The medicine is made with a high standard of care. The setting and space being held was amazing. The exercises and activities were deeply healing and profound, and there was a very high level of care. It was an honor to be there with you!


Austin, TX

My experience was amazing! I really enjoyed how masterfully everything ran from start to finish. I always felt like I was in good care the whole time. You can tell that great care has gone into making the experience as beautiful and healing for everyone involved. Both Parker and Zachary are truly skilled facilitators! I came seeking healing of some social anxiety that I had struggled with a lot in life. The experience provided profound clarity and gave me the gift of truly accepting myself. The strong element of community was something that I really appreciated. I gained some profound clarity and healing. A lot of the insights were things that I had heard before from a mentor, but the level of clarity in the experience really allowed me to go from intellectually knowing things to truly believing it. I left feeling incredibly happy and with an open heart.

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