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Who We Are

We do not seek to transmit beliefs. We seek to be the bridge to the well of faith from which belief springs.


We are chakarunas. A chakaruna is a Quechua term that roughly translates to “bridge person.”


Every human being is a bridge. Each one of us is a bridge to a destination and a vibrational state of being.


We strive to be a bridge to the state of consciousness that remembers our true nature; the very oneness of which we are all a part. We see the one in all. We see the all in one. 


We have renewed a covenant to the healing and evolution of humanity and Mother Earth. We are deeply devoted to empowering unification, transformation, and ascension among all beings.


The elevation of consciousness starts at the level of individual choice and healing. We aspire to empower that choice and raise the level of collective consciousness, one healed person at a time.


One light lights another light. That only happens one person at a time.


When we awaken, we remember that the very universe itself is held together by the fabric of love.


Parker V. Sherry

Parker Sherry is a co-owner and co-facilitator at Smiling Jaguar Retreats. Parker brings integrity, leadership, and a deep commitment to being of service and motivating others to become fit for service. Parker feels honored to have apprenticed with his spiritual mentor and guide, Don Howard, at SpiritQuest Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru. Following Don Howard's passing, Parker led all facilitation and conducted retreats at SpiritQuest. Parker has worked extensively with the Don Howard sacred triumvirate of teacher-healer plants of the Americas; Huachuma, Ayahuasca, and Peyote. Parker is a natural teacher who will provide the guidance and instruction needed to maximize your personal shamanic work at Smiling Jaguar Retreats. Parker facilitates shamanic instruction, workshops, and ceremonies. He coordinates all aspects of the retreats and participant services. He also offers special counseling and guidance on an individual basis.

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Zachary Adama

Zachary Adama is a co-owner and co-facilitator at Smiling Jaguar Retreats. Zachary joins Smiling Jaguar Retreats after a decade of practicing law and intense personal development and spiritual practice. Zachary describes himself as a student of the world's wisdom traditions whose daily practices are informed by a synthesis of yoga and shamanism. Having lived a life that has been at once mystical and mundane, Zachary enjoys supporting people in grounding higher consciousness into their everyday lives through what he calls "embodied spirituality." Zachary has extensive experience working with entheogenic plants, including Huachuma, Ayahuasca, and Peyote, and offers himself in service to your awakening heart, healing, and evolution throughout your time at Smiling Jaguar Retreats. Zachary facilitates shamanic instruction, workshops, and ceremonies, and offers special counseling, healing, and guidance to interested individuals.

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